Thurner: June 2012


Last night I emailepd a number of you to pray for our son in India and the reasons why. He asked me for some thoughts about the spiritual climate where he was and let him know that I would definitely reach out to those that might pray. I replied to his email with some instructions on seeing God move in hard places with overwhelming oppression. I did hear back from about 5 of you that you were praying and I am sure there were more. This is the fruit of your prayers and he will be there for another week or more and I will be faithful to share any news I get. I am not deleting the Fathers day wish (removed for post), and it sure motivates me to live beyond his words not just as a father of my own children and their spouses but a father to as many as I can who need a manifestation of the Father Heart of God that releases identity, provision and protection to our lives….it is appreciated as you continue to pray; prayer from a heart of genuine love and standing with each other when facing situations such as this really does make a difference.

Excerpt from India conference:

“The conference went amazing – it was the largest in the history of Patna, a city of 2 million – there was about 750 kids there (shows you the state of Christianity in a Nation). Gabe did great!! Definitely an outpouring and for this country and those people a first. Some amazing testimonies, blind eye opened, broken arm healed, asthma (this kid went running to test it) – the pastors were quite shocked. The one thing the people kept sharing as a testimony to those checking the testimonies was that they simply felt the power of God for the first time in their life. We had a girl get slain in the spirit who had never been to church before – a hindu who got saved after she got up because she was blown away by God’s power.

God is so good. Because it is not like we had a ministry team that was ready for this – we had a few of the team members come up to us and ask if we needed to call a doctor because people were falling out all over…hilarious!!!

Nothing better then having the hosting Baptist pastor say, “this is some sort of a revival breaking out”. Thanks for your prayers, they were needed and felt!!!”

Earl and Jana