Thurner: January 2013


God is so wonderful and I want to get a testimony or two in to let this day end with His doings.  At the (time of this writing) I am really battling a flu like sickness and had to cancel my flight tomorrow to Pennsylvania and reschedule it for Thursday.  I know it is His will for me to be there to serve the Outpouring, one of the places in the USA where there is a genuine outpouring of God.  I need to be there.  Would you pray?  At your church prayer meeting, in your home, as a ministry, knowing that in doing so there will be a great response of God with resulting impact for HIs name.  Thanks for doing so and for sowing into DOAN at this very moment so we can move forward.

Some of you heard about the TV shows that will reach 44 nations, a fledgling network and I can do a couple of more on Wednesday as I gain strength.  The meetings in the homes and yesterday at Cornerstone were phenomenal but the times spent alone with the leaders of Solutions Ministries, the leaders of the home churches and the pastor of Cornerstone were extremely blessed.  I want to just share a couple of testimonies. 
In one home group I heard this remarkable story.  Over 20 months ago I ministered at this very home group and during the meeting there was a man probably around 60 who you noticed immediately.  He came in and lay on the floor and proceeded to put his legs up on a couch.  He was in excruciating pain and had a back injury for years and years. He was a minister for 35 years and told us quite frankly that he was a skeptic about healing and things like that.  I figured we might as well go for it as the presence of God was in the room.  So I invited others to join me and God touched him and he fell right on his rear end with a thud on the floor.  Not the wisest thing to do with a back injury.  He told the story the other night.  At that time he felt that God had indeed touched him and the soreness began to leave then and througout the week.  A week later he was driving his pickup truck and felt something like a hand on his lower back and heat coming into his back. This continued every day for one week.  Then the next week he began to feel things moving around in his back as if they were coming into place.  As strength poured into that area the first week, his back now seemed to come into alignment.  He wanted to check it out and went to his chiropractor who said that everything in his back was completely normal and the brother testified that he was completely healed and has not had any discomfort in his back since!!!
In a service at Cornerstone, I welcomed His presence as always and He began to be experienced around the room.  I noticed that a man in the back was obviously feeling Him and just asked him to come forward to tell us what was happening.  As he did so, God began to touch him even more.  He was unable to speak but wept softly and just stood there and I continued the meeting.  Near the end of the meeting he was back in his seat and next to him was a young girl.  He was still weeping softly and then the girl probably around 20 began to be visibly touched by God and I had others pray for her.  That evening they were both back in the service and I walked back to where they were and asked what had happened.  The young woman began to weep unable to talk.  He took the mike and said that she was his daughter and they had been estranged for over a year and that morning, God had restored their relationship!!  It was a moving time and many such things took place in both services as I had the people love each other releasing what they carried and seeing His kingdom come.  Many visitors were stunned by the Lord and it was  great time.
Sometimes you do not realize that when you know your identity as His heart, hands and feet for others, you can truly touch in mighty ways.  In the morning service I noticed a Spanish woman sitting next to one of her children.  She looked forlorn and I felt His compassion.  I heard the Lord tell me to give her and her daughter everything in my wallet, and I had just received more cash before the service and obviously have needs of the ministry and our own.  But that is what I heard,”everything in my wallet”/  So without fanfare I approached them and told them what God said and did just that.  After awhile I had them come up to be prayed for by the body.  When I had lunch with the pastor after the service I told him of the incident because I wanted to know who she was.  He did not know I did that.  He proceeded to tell me that she was a widow, had 4 children and was planning to leave and go back to North Carolina as she had no job.  She made a decision to seek the Lord and He told her to stay.  He said she was a goldly woman who attended every service.  Wow!  That evening, I had her come up and pray for people for healing and God healed at least 3 woman with stomach problems and the pain left. 
So, praise God for His love!!! This is a game changer year, the year He will give those things that were inaccessible to you in the past, the best of times for those who seek His kingdom first and shine in the darkness in small and great ways!!!  Thank you for praying and sowing financially into a ministry where these types of things take place, amen!!
                                                                                                         In His Embrace,
Brother Earl