Bates: June 2014

Costa Rica Outreach June 2014

This is a testimony of some of the encounters that my family and the mission team had in Costa Rica during the summer of 2014.  I am still gathering all of the teams testimonies to put into one document but for now these testimonies reflect many of the encounters that I remember.   Altogether we saw more than 170 people healed  during these two weeks and gave several hundred prophetic words.  We ministered at seven churches, a men’s prison, a small orphanage, and everywhere we went. The Lord was with us confirming his word with signs following.  We met wonderful new friends named Andres and Jacqueline as well as ministered with a dear friend named Emerson.

Saturday June 21 -We were on the way to the airport and my sister in law Pat got a notice that her tickets were canceled for that day and that they had rebuked her on a flight Sunday morning.  I called the airline to find out why that would happen and we found out the plane coming to Atlanta had been diverted to Charlotte (it was coming from England).  But the customer service rep assured me that the flight was still going to Costa Rica and they changed Mike and Pat’s tickets to be on the flight.  We got to the airport and my tickets were showing as canceled and rebuked to Sunday morning.  I then went to a customer service desk to talk to them about this and was calling the Delta customer service desk at the same time.  I got to the call center first and they told me that the flight from Saturday was canceled and they were going to put me on a flight with American, but it was leaving in 30 minutes.

At that point I was at the service counter and a woman with authority walked up and said that the flight was not canceled.  So then they had to undo the American flight and put us back on the Delta flight, but they wouldn’t issue us a seat assignment, they said it had to be done at the counter at the gate.  We started walking to the gate and a youth leader told me that the gate number on our ticket was wrong.  So we went with him to the other gate…and no one was there.  So we started to go to the gate that was on our ticket, but on our way the flight boards were saying that this flight was canceled.  We got to the other gate, and they wouldn’t issue us a seat assignment, because they weren’t sure they would be able to find a plane to go to Costa Rica.  Then after an hour of confusion and delay, they announced a gate change.  So everyone waiting for the plan sped off to the new gate.  I decided that I would not leave without getting a seat assignment, so i went back up to the gate agents and said I am not leaving until you give us seat assignments.  They finally did…and we ended up getting first class seats. Thank you Jesus.  Michelle was praying for God to give us favor…and He certainly did.  But I have to say that we had to pray and battle through a lot of confusion and misinformation for about 3 hours.  I figured, well this trip is going to be good seeing how much resistance we’ve been facing.
Sunday June 22 – We arrived at Pastor Amando’s church in San Carlos, Costa Rica.  Pastor Amando is the father of Ariel Alvarez, who is one of the members of my prophetic team at Morning Star.  Ariel had attended a beginners prophetic class in the spring of 2014 and told his father about the training.  At that training i had told the class we would be on a mission trip in Costa Rica in the summer.  Ariel told his father and his father wanted to know if he could come to our meetings in Costa Rica.  I told Ariel that we would come train his church if he wanted.  A week after that message was conveyed to Pastor Amando a prophet came to visit Pastor Amando and told him that his church was called to be a prophetic church.
As soon as we got out of the car a young man named Andres introduced himself to me and told me how he has looked forward to this day that we would be there.  I didn’t realize the significance of what he was saying until the end of this trip.  But one thing we found out that day was that Andres had been trying to contact someone from Morningstar for months, but no one responded.  One morning Andres told The Lord I am not able to get anyone to respond to me, I give up.  And that day, he got an email from Pastor Amando asking if Andres could come to a meeting because we needed interpreters and the people coming were from Morningstar.  That got Andres’ attention!
We did two services at Pastor Amando’s church – a prophetic training service Sunday morning and a healing service Sunday afternoon.  Maureen, Darlena, Michelle, and I did the prophetic training class.  After instruction, we led the people in some activation exercises.  So they all got to practice what we had just taught them.  We then split up into teams and we ended up giving a prophetic word to everyone who came forward.  I found out later that this teaching time for Maureen was extremely significant. She had always wanted to teach people how to prophesy but her pastor at her former church resisted letting her do this and discouraged her that she wouldn’t be able to do this and she was not qualified. So for Maureen this was a day of break through!
I remember two particular words I gave that I saw God confirm while we were there.  One was for Ariel’s mother….i saw that she was a good cook and i saw healing in her hands.  We got to taste the evidence of that word that afternoon…she’s an excellent cook.  And Ariel told us her mother had received that word about healing before…he even had prophesied that to his mother.  Another was a vision I had of Andres’ wife…I saw an eye that was made up with mascara.  I didn’t know what it meant at first, but later in talking with Andres what The Lord showed me was she was a seer.  Her eyes will see beautiful things from The Lord.  That became activitated during the second week while Andres and Jaquelin were with us…she began having highly prophetic visions and trances.  All in all we prophesied to 40-50 people if not more.
One young man came up and asked for prayer for his tattoo.  It was a tattoo of the Tasmanian Devil.  He said that it gave him trouble and tormented him.  So I led him in a prayer of repentance for what the tattoo represented – rebellion, doing things his own way, and confusion.  After he repented I put my hand upon the tattoo and commanded the demonic spirit attached to this tattoo to come out of him.  I felt a vibration in my hand as I commanded this demon to come out.  I took that as a sign that it left.
That afternoon we held a healing service and saw more than 40 healed in the service.  At least 90% of those attending received some form of healing during the meeting.  This was evident by the number of people waving their hands over their heads when we asked them to do this if they had received healing in their bodies.  I remember people with migraines, jaw problems, back problems, feet problems, and knees were healed during this meeting.  Michelle prayed for a little girl who had heart problems and when she prayed the little girl became frightened because of the heat that entered her heart when Michelle prayed.  She ran to her mother and held on to her legs.  Several people went down under the power of the spirit.
After we finished and I had turned the microphone back to the pastor, a little feather came floating out of the sky and landed right next to me.  I looked up to see if a bird was there, but saw nothing.  The roof was about 20-25 feet above the floor.  Overall the meetings went well and there was much impartation that occurred in San Carlos.
Monday June 23 – this day we scheduled times for prophetic ministry to pastors and leaders.  We ministered in 30 minute intervals from 10-1pm and then 2-5pm.  I really don’t remember many significant words during this time although I do remember that most of the feedback given was that the words were accurate.  I do remember that I ministered with Pat and Abigail who both did a great job in giving words.  I found out later that was the first time Pat had given prophetic words.  Pat was encouraged from this ministry time.  Abigail was receiving visions and pictures during this ministry time.  She did a wonderful job and this was the first time she was on a prophetic ministry team.  My brother Mike, Darlena, my daughter Bethany, and my wife made up one team.  This was the first time my brother Mike and my daughter Bethany were on a prophetic ministry team.  Everyone did a great job and there were many who received accurate prophetic words this day.  There was one group who had come from several hours away to receive ministry.  They were extremely blessed.
Tuesday June 24 – this day we visited Cherie in Atenas.  Cherie is running a small orphanage with plans to go bigger (she has six but plans to run a facility of 100 someday).  The team and I prophesied to her and prayed for The Lord to open up doors for her to get a new place and to get land.  One of the team mentioned they saw her acquiring a property then adjacent land owners would begin giving her their land.
Tuesday night was ladies night at a church in Barranca.  Michelle, Maureen, Darlena, Pat, Bethany, and Abigail all testified this night.  Michelle gave a powerful prophetic word which the church received with gladness and rejoicing.  We did an Impartation altar call at the end which was powerful.
Thursday June 26 – Thursday night we held a meeting in Chacarita.  We did a mini prophetic seminar and then prophesied to the church by calling out people in the audience.  Several who received words were weeping as we ministered so you could tell they were blessed.  We weren’t able to minister to everyone because it was getting late so we formed a tunnel and then had the church pass through us as we prayed and blessed them.  As soon as we started the “fire tunnel” it sounded like buckets of rain began to pour out on the roof of the church.  And a “mist” formed all around us doing the prayer tunnel.  It wasn’t that the roof was leaking but a mist was showering over us.  The mist stopped after the last person went through.  Later we were told that has never happened there before although they get rain frequently.
Friday June 27 – this day we went to a coffee farm near San Carlos.  A woman whose family owned two grocery stores wanted to bless us, so she made lunch for us and the took us to her fathers coffee farm.  While we were there we prophesied to her and her family.  She later told us that she and her husband had been asking The Lord what their purpose was and what was their calling.  She said that when we ministered to them through prophecy that The Lord was answering all their questions.  She was extremely blessed.
Saturday June 28 – we ministered at a church in El Roble.  I had on my heart to share about words of knowledge, how to receive them, and how God uses them to release his power for healing.  During the day I decided to call a prophet in Oregon to see if he would pray for me, hoping to receive an encouraging word about this nights ministry.  As soon as I got on the phone he told me he knew this was a call from Costa Rica.  Then he said to me “David the word of knowledge is still alive today!”  Exactly what I needed to hear!  This night we ministered in healing by calling out words of knowledge and then later opening the altar to anyone who wanted prayer.  One of the words of knowledge I received was pain in the left hip.  At least three people stood when I called out this word.  We first prayed and then had people check their bodies just after calling out the words of knowledge.  There were some who indicated they already received some measure of healing just from responding to the word.
After this we called people forward for prayer who had responded to the WOK but hadn’t seen any manifestation of healing yet.  A man on the front row began hobbling up.  He had a bad hip.  By the time he got up front though he was healed!  He just started laughing and rejoicing!  He had chronic hip pain for several years but this night it left him!  Another woman asked one of our team to get me so that I could pray for her hip.  By the time I got over to her she said The Lord had healed her!  She didn’t need prayer anymore, her hip was fine.  I had her test it out and squat up and down.  She said it was perfect!  Go God!  This night we had at least 30 confess they received healing in their bodies.
One of the words of knowledge Kathi and my wife released had to do with troubled marriages.  After the meeting we dropped off a girl who was a friend of our interpreter.  She asked if we could come pray for someone who was sick in the home and for her parents who were talking about getting a divorce.  Emerson and I got to counsel with the wife and husband and helped them work through some issues.  It ended with the wife and husband forgiving each other.  We encouraged them to get with their local pastor to keep in the place of receiving counsel to help them work through other issues.
Sunday June 29 – this day we traveled to a church in Arenal which is near one of the most famous volcanos in Costa Rica. We went by a beautiful lake which is lake Arenal and Andres told us that this lake was made after the volcano had erupted and buried the town of Arenal many years ago. Now the only thing that you can see from the town is the steeple of crosses from one of the churches there.  They relocated the town of Arenal after this volcano eruption.
We ministered at a church who was having a big youth celebration that Sunday. We had just a limited amount of time to share that Sunday but it still was such a blessing. Kathy and John ministered and did a wonderful job sharing the heart of the Lord. And then afterword we prayed for the congregation. There must’ve been at least 70 that came up for prayer. We didn’t have a lot of time to pray but what we did do was power packed and many people were touched and fell out under the power of the Spirit. I prophesied to the pastor that Costa Rica would win their soccer match that day and they did win in a dramatic shootout with Greece.  This win was a mark in history for Costa Rica because they had never reached the second round of the World Cup in soccer and this win put them into the quarterfinals.  That night we heard the country celebrating the soccer win until at least 2 o’clock in the morning. We heard drums and whistles and trumpets playing.
Tuesday July 1st – this day we set aside time to prophesy to pastors, leaders, and other church members.  We had people coming from 3-4 hours away to receive ministry.   John and Michelle ministered as a prophetic team and Kathy and I ministered as another prophetic team. We also set up a team with our children to prophesy to the children that came for ministry that day. Everyone did an excellent job and I was most impressed with how the Lord was using the children to minister prophetically.
One woman had to wake at 2:30am to get ready to ride a bus 4 hours to come for ministry.  This woman had received diagnosis of cancer in her lymph nodes in the neck.  We began to minister to her in prophecy.  And then I had an impression that what she had was a result of a curse.  So I began praying for her this way, breaking off curses against her.  And I gave her a word out of Isaiah 54:17 (NET).
No weapon forged to be used against you will succeed; you will refute everyone who tries to accuse you. This is what the LORD will do for his servants – I will vindicate them,” says the LORD.
So I declared this word over her emphasizing that she will have victory.  And afterward she told us that her father had been a witch doctor. And he would taunt her saying that she would die and that her God would not be able to save her.  And he had placed curses on her since she was a Christian.  
So then I led her in a prayer to repent on behalf of her father and previous generations.  And then we broke the curses over her life.  You could feel the power of The Lord in the room.  And she told me that she had been given a dream many months before where a man stood and spoke to her “that no weapon formed against her shall prosper.”
We had many confirmations as we prophesied to people.  So many times after we had prophesied we had people tell us that what we shared was exactly what was going on with them. 
Tuesday night we ministered at a church in the city call Miramar. I had never been to this church before but my mother-in-law had. The church sits up on the mountain overlooking the city of Puntarenas. It’s very beautiful up there especially at night when you can see all the lights shining in the city.
The church had about three or 400 people in it and was very nice. I later learned after the service that the pastor was friends with Rick Joyner.  This night I ministered about the greatness of our God and the intimate knowledge that he has of each of us. I used Psalm 139 and several other scriptures as the text for this message.  The presence of the Lord during the ministry time was magnetic. It seemed as if the church was hanging on every word that I was speaking. After the message, we gave several words of knowledge for healing. One of the words we gave was for people who had blindness in one or both eyes as well as several other words. This night we saw the Lord heal one woman of blindness in one eye who had received at least 80% healing in this eye during the meeting. There were several others who had eye issues who received a measure of healing during the meeting as well. I saw a number of people who had migraine and knee and foot issues healed during the meeting. 
One woman I remember vividly came up for prayer regarding migraine headaches. She had been having them for more than 15 years and they were constant. That night when she came up she was having a migraine episode. After praying she looked at me with astonishment and began to weep realizing that for the first time she did not have a headache. The pastor wanted us to have a few people give their testimony after we had prayed to encourage the church. Three different people came and gave their testimony and it was powerful. We then asked how many people had received healing that night during the meeting and at least 100 people were waving their hands acknowledging that God had touched them. I then asked how many of them would like to receive impartation for healing so that they could pray for others just as Jesus had given that assignment to his disciples. The whole congregation stood up immediately almost like an army and we prayed for Impartation of healing.
We learned later that one woman who was in this meeting stood up for impartation and then went home that night to tell her family about what the Lord had done in this meeting. And she noticed that she had oil on her hands and what appeared to be gold dust on her hands. When her family heard the testimonies and saw this woman’s hands they were so impressed that they decided to come to the meeting that we held on Wednesday night. Michelle got to pray for these family members on Wednesday night and several of them were healed during that meeting.
Wednesday July 2 – Wed night we ministered at another church in Chacarita.  I gave the testimony of what happened with the woman freed from generational curses.  And then I asked if there were any there who had fathers or forefathers who had practiced witchcraft to stand.  At least 15 or more stood up.  I led them in repentance on behalf of their families and then canceled the assignment of curses over them.  My daughter Abby had a vision at that moment where she saw an angel take the curses and cast them into the lake of fire.  There was much rejoicing in the church!
Everyone gave their testimony that night and I was so blessed to see all the kids get up and testify of the wonderful things that the Lord had done with them in Costa Rica. After this we did an altar call where we had people come up for healing prayer and prophetic ministry. There were many testimonies this night of the Lord releasing healing for those who came up for prayer.  There were at least 30 healings this night.
One woman who came up for prayer had a growth on the side of her hip. She had this growth since being 15 years old and it happened from an accident where she fell on her hip.  Over time it kept getting bigger so she came up for prayer for this.  She said it was the size of a small orange.  I had her lay her hands on the growth and then I put my hand on hers and we prayed and asked the Lord to heal her. As soon as I started praying she was overwhelmed and she ended up going down. So I figured the Lord was ministering to her and I started to pray for other people. After praying for a few other people I looked back to see how she was doing.  She had gotten up and went back to her seat. So I asked one of the workers to go find her and bring her back to find out what happened. The person that I asked to please go get her actually happened to be her husband who the Lord had healed earlier in the meeting.  He had a knee problem, but was healed.  So he got her and she came back and i asked her what happened. She said that she checked her growth and that it had become much smaller. So I told her that is wonderful but now let’s pray for it to be totally eliminated. I had her put her hand on her growth again and then had her husband put his hand on hers.  We prayed and then I had her check her hip again. This time when she checked it was totally gone. And then I had her husband check her hip. And he smiled and said it was totally gone. And then I looked at the husband and I said boy isn’t she a beautiful woman! And he and his wife just began to laugh.  Praise The Lord! 
The pastor and his wife were so happy with what the Lord had done that night. They let me know that any time that we are in Costa Rica that his doors are open to us.  I had never been to this church before.
Thursday July 3 – today John and I went to a men’s prison near Chacarita.  Emerson, Andres, John, and I all gave a word to the prisoners then we had an altar call.  As I walked through the prison The Lord was giving me impressions in my body of conditions that we should pray for.  I call them Words of Knowledge (WOK).  During the altar call, I spoke out these WOKs and it was amazing that out of the 30 that came only 3-4 did not have what I had called out.  We ministered quickly and saw The Lord heal, but we didn’t have time to interview each one since the guards came to take them back to their cells.
One of the first prisoners that came walked up to me in perfect English and said I have a big God and he knows me. And I looked at him in amazement and said that is very prophetic what you just said.  Just the other day I gave a message at a church that spoke on those two points for the entire message. I said you are like an angel to me. And then he looked at me and he said my name is Angel.  And I just looked at him with astonishment. So then I asked if I could pray for him and he said yes so I laid my hands on him to pray. And then after I prayed he looked at me and he said you have fire in your hands and you’re going to release the fire of God through your ministry. After this I made sure to watch this man to see if he ended up walking through a wall or flying through the ceiling. Of course he didn’t but it made me wonder.
Friday July 4 – this day we spent time with Cherie’s orphanage kids at Casa San Francisco. We played with them in the pool and we played with them on the beach. It was a wonderful day of loving the kids and enjoying the fellowship of Cherie and those people who help her.


David Bates