Joe Leone

Following is a comment from Robert Thompson re: fire at Joe Leone’s home
…Help if you can!

A day in the life of Joe……….

Some of you may recall my friend Joe, whose life is literally poured out for
the poor people around him. At any given time, his little two-bedroom house
typically has four or five otherwise-homeless folk sharing it with himself. He
has several refrigerators and freezers to preserve food that is donated for
him to distribute. He covered his deck with plastic so as to hang donated
clothes for neighbors to come and pick from. His shed out back was divided
into two rooms large enough for a mattress in each, and people live there as

Every month or two, he puts on an “event”, to provide music, food, clothes and
a word for the Lord in an outreach to people in poor neighborhoods of
Charlotte. In few weeks he is trusting God for attracting 1,000+ folk to a
Christmas event that he is hosting, with music, gifts for the children, face
painting, etc..

Whenever I think of Joe, I wonder that God will allow me into heaven when I am
preceded by such truly selfless and dedicated men. I’m confident that I will
be there, but I think I must be far, far in the back of the line.

See Joe’s note below for his response to losing the out building to a fire.
Raymond (mentioned in the note) is a man who has been assisting Joe in his
ministries for several years and who currently was living in the building that
burned. Is Joe discouraged? Well, no………it’s just another day of living
in faith and of depending on God for resources to accomplish His will.

When Joe moved into his neighborhood several years ago, prostitutes walked the
streets of his neighborhood. One by one, he invited them to the Lord and to
drug-free productive lives. He provided shelter for them (in the
out-building) until they could ‘get clean’, get real jobs and move out. There
are no prostitutes on his street any more. (my guess is that the pimps got
tired of losing them to the ‘crazy preacher’- and moved elsewhere.)

I truly believe Joe will be assigned a position of great authority and honor
in heaven. I hope he will speak well of me.

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look
after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being
polluted by the world.” James 1:27