Mike Killion

Mike Killion is a minister with a strong gifting in the Word and a heart that burns for the Lord.

Vision Statement

“As a SYSTEMATIC EXPOSITOR with an APOSTOLIC AND PROPHETIC ELEMENT it is my assigned duty to present the whole counsel of the unadulterated word of God from Genesis to Revelation with historical background. It is my desire and passion to:

a.) alleviate confusion and misunderstandings in what the Bible actually says and means,

b.) alleviate fear and release joy and confidence in every Saint who desires to follow the Lord and “stand in the evil day” by boldly “giving an account of the hope that lies within” the individual believer.

c.) help committed servants to determine what their gifts, callings, talents, and destinies are and to mobilize them into a force for the Truth in a time when there is a great apostacy and falling away,

d.) gather teams of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, administrators, worship leaders, and counsellors to form a vibrant and effective army for ministry to the hungry and the weary, and to help them grow and “go” in His name.

How will I accomplish this?

I will begin with conducting seminars and round tables in the following seven (7) areas:

1.) PROPHECY BOOT CAMPS: I will teach Bible prophecy and use history and current events to determine where we have come from, where we are now, and what will happen next in God’s plan so we can know what God is doing and where we can plug in to what He is doing.

2.) PROPHETIC MINISTRY BOOTCAMPS: attendees will learn all there is about how the Holy Spirit works, His gifts, and how to walk and operate in these gifts. There will also be a component on dream interpretation.

3.) APOLOGETICS BOOTCAMPS: students will learn the simple basics on how to defend the faith against all attacks on the existence of God, the history and nature of God’s son, the reliability of the scriptures, and the scientific basis for our faith.

4.) PERSONAL MINISTRY AND MENTORING: everybody needs an accountability buddy or father to help them through the tough times, and there will be tough times. Its better to go through them WITH A FRIEND. As was said by Roy Williams, coach of the North Carolina Tar Heel basketbal team: “No one becomes a success unless someone else helps them.”

5.) BIBLE COLLEGE TEACHING: either as a staff teacher,or teacher-in-residence.

6.) A DRAWING AND PAINTING CLASS: This will be for the Saints with gifts in the visual arts to develope their gifts and become active art evangelists through their art product.

7.) MURAL PAINTING: I will get a prophetic word for a city or village and paint a mural illustrating that word somewhere in that city.

8.) I also see my self creating an online or correspondence bible school and conducting schools of the prophets for people who are called to leadership.

My desire is to travel to wherever a pastor needs help in ministering to the overflow of the harvest and use my gifts to bring a church and even a village to new levels of understanding in God so they can stand up and march strong like a well trained army for the Lord Jesus Christ.

My plan is to stay in an area for a week, a month, or 4-9 months and then go and help others.”

A brief history

“The Lord did not actively pursue me until I had graduated from the UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN in 1973. My career plan was to teach art and coach either football or baseball at the high school level. Shortly after graduation I read Hal lindsey’s LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH, and near the end I was convinced that God did truly exist and that our generation was about to see the end time judgements and the return of Jesus Christ to His Bride.

I read the sinner’s prayer in the back of the book, and when I awoke the next morning, I knew there THERE WAS SOMETHING DIFFERENT about me and this world I live in. There was more than meets the eye. I had been regenerated in my inner man and I experienced a marked CHANGE in how I viewed the world and my place in it. (When a seed is planted, it can’t help but grow and cannot be stopped.)

After conversion into this new life called CHRISTIANITY, I sought to find a body of believers to fellowship with; a group of Christians who could explain and teach me just what it was that had happened in me. I found a Bible study taught at a local cafeteria and the teacher was a former missionary doctor. He was teaching expositorily on the Book Of Revelation. This was my first exposure to systematic theological enquiry and expository teaching. This first experience set the tone for how I was going to study and teach in my ministry life. And I am not forgetting to mention that ESCHATOLOGY, the doctrine of last things and end time prophecy, has been my main focus for over 30 years now.

Identity: I am over three and a half decades in the Lord now. I have had the great fortune of sitting under some GREAT expositors who were like a father to me. They taught me not just what was IN the Bible but also HOW TO STUDY the Bible properly. SYSTEMATIC EXPOSITION has become a lost art in this modern day church and it is my aim to bring it back.

As far as my IDENTITY in ministry is concerned, it is my belief that WE DONT DETERMINE WHAT PLACE AND FUNCTION we will have in serving Him. Your “fathers and mentors,” (“tutors and governors”) will see your gifts and destinies before you do and they are to call them out of you and send you into them as he provides experiences for you to grow and stretch your wings in the local church. This concept is seen in the relationship that Cornelius and Barnabas had with Paul, and that Paul had with young Timothy. The fathers call, train, and release the SONS. That is the divine order.

Seasoned apostles, prophets, and teachers have delared over me what I am. The gifts and offices of teacher and prophet have been spoken over me and occasionaly the apostle shows itself. Saying it another way: when I study and teach expositorily, apostolic and prophetic things begin to occur.

My Appeal

It is my hope that you will be as excited and energized over what the Lord has assigned for me to do for Him and His family and that you will seek God and ask Him to what extent you may get involved. My goal for monthly support is $25-2900. per month, and, all contributions are tax deductible as long as we have that right here in America.

I ask you place me on your daily prayer list and I welcome you to come visit me on the field and join me as ministry partners. Are you tired of an uneventful life and looking to make your life count in the greatest possible way? COME JOIN ME!”

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