Melissa Mercurio: November 13 2011

November 13 2011

You Better Belize It!!!

As soon as we crossed the boarder into Corozal, Belize it was so different.  It was a nice change from Mexico and we looked forward to whatever the Lord wanted to do while there, as we had no contacts and no plans at all.  We found an RV park not far from the boarder and there we stayed for a few days, getting to know the locals and the culture.

While there we had the privilege to get to know many in the area, but one in particular captured our hearts.  A few of the guys first met Godfrey while he tried to get money or something to eat and they began to tell the stories of what the Lord did in Mexico.  He was amazed and wanted to know more, so the next day a few of us went to the town center (where alcoholics and drug addicts hang out at night) to talk with some of the people and that’s when I first met him.  He was so glad to see us white people and had been waiting for us.  As I began to listen to his story, I knew that he was different.  He had been a drug addict most of his life, on and off the streets and his family was tired of the person he had become and was not allowed to be around.  He said that he was ready to give up this life and start over, he was already a day sober and needed clothes and food.  After talking with him most of the night, we agreed to meet the next day so that I could bring him clothes and he could show us to the hospital to pray for the sick.

The next day Christian and I picked him up and decided to bring him to camp to pray with us before we left for the hospital and I gave him a bunch of new clothes.  After praying, we left for the hospital only to find out visiting hours were over and we would have to come back the next day, instead we went door to door praying for whoever we saw.  The next morning we all went to the hospital to pray for the sick, Godfrey came too.  I prayed for expecting mothers, babies and the women’s ward.  While in the women’s ward Natalie and I came across a woman who had been sick for a few days as a result of drinking bad water.  We began to pray for her and witness her healing.

We ended up taking Godfrey with us through Belize, believing that the Lord would connect him with the right people along the way and for a job.  Godfrey became apart of our family and by the time we had to leave Belize, by divine appointment, the Lord gave Godfrey a place to stay and a job.  We are staying connected with him, praying for him and trusting that the Lord will finish the works He has started.

Iris Latin America in Belize with Godfrey (top row 4th from the left)

Praying for a woman that was healed!