Melissa Mercurio: January 2012


January 4 2012

From Panama to Colombia!
Happy New Year from Bogota, Colombia!

I hope that this update finds you well and that you’ve had an amazing holiday season!  I feel that this year will be the best yet and that a season of refreshment is on its way.

A hectic border crossing day into Panama

While in Panama we teamed up with YWAM Panama City and a local church located in Gamboa, a small area outside of the city.  We were involved in all types of ministry opportunities including; village outreach, prison guard and police academy services, church services, inner city ministry and a radio talk show.  We also were attempting to get our vehicles on a boat to Cartegena, Colombia because the area between Panama and Colombia, known as the Darien Gap, is Guerilla territory and quite treacherous.

Our team leading worship at the Gamboa church

One of our first days in Panama we went into the city, to one of the most dangerous parts where even the police are afraid to go.  We weren’t really sure what we were going to do when we got there but some awesome stuff happened.  I was standing in the back of the room and was led to pray for a young man.  As I began to pray I called a few guys from our team over to help.